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How to charge your apple watch without a charger How to charge your apple watch without a charger

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How to charge your apple watch without a charger




How to charge your apple watch without a charger

How to charge your apple watch without a charger

Apple watch comes with a magnetic charger, and you can charge it on any compatible Mac or PC, but what if you want to charge your apple watch in the car or in the office or anywhere else where there’s no nearby computer?

This guide will show you how to charge your apple watch without a charger. Just follow these steps…

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger – Could It Be Possible Or Not?

Charging an Apple Watch is super easy with its own charging cable, but what if you are in some other place and there’s no power socket available?

Well! In that case, there are some alternate ways to power up your Apple Watch. But before moving towards those methods, let’s take a quick look at how exactly does it work?

While in use, The Apple Watch pulls power from its battery and supplies it back to its components as needed.

How much power is available at any given time depends on how many things are using it, like Bluetooth for example.

That’s why if you try charging your Apple Watch with a different cable or adapter, it won’t work because only iPhone Lightning cables have an authentication chip that can handle high-power output required by Apple Watch.

Why you need a backup charger for your Apple Watch

How to charge your apple watch without a charger

The Apple Watch has an impressive battery life, but if you’re always on-the-go and don’t have time to charge up at night, you may find yourself in dire need of more power.

Fortunately, there are some great alternatives out there that won’t break the bank. Here are some of our favorites
For starters, there’s no way to charge Apple Watch through any other kind of cable.

While you can buy separate docks for home and travel, those will only charge using a proprietary Lightning cable. Likewise, third-party chargers that use micro-USB or 30-pin cables won’t work either.

The battery life on Apple Watch is impressive. In our real-world testing, we routinely got more than 24 hours out of a single charge. But for times when you’re not near an outlet or don’t have time to fully recharge, carrying around one of these backups is crucial.

Find out how long it takes each charging method to fill up your Apple Watch: You can charge Apple Watch in many different ways, and each one has its own pros and cons.

What this hack does

We all need to charge our Apple Watch sometimes—but it’s easy enough to forget about or put off for another day. If you own an iPhone, there’s no Apple Watch charger handy, and you forgot yours at home, there are still ways of charging your smartwatch on-the-go.

Here we’ll take a look at four methods for how to charge an Apple Watch without charger and juice up some extra battery life.

The first and most obvious thing you can do is to use your iPhone as an Apple Watch charger. This works with all models of Apple Watch, whether you have an Apple Watch Series 1 or Apple Watch 3.

All you need is a Lightning cable and some battery power left in your phone—and that’s enough for plenty of extra hours of use!
The second option for charging an Apple Watch on-the-go is pairing it with another Bluetooth device.

There are two requirements for using your Apple Watch as a workout timer and sports tracker: it must be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth, and you’ll need its accompanying Nike+ GPS Sport Band or similar compatible band.

This is one of those how-to-charge-an-Apple-Watch tricks that seems complicated—but it’s actually quite simple. Once you have everything ready, it just takes seconds.

Method To Charge The Apple Watch With Regular Charger

How to charge your apple watch without a charger

Apple is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services.

It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Amazon, Google and Facebook. The company’s hardware products include iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computers, Mac personal computers and iPod portable media players.

Apple’s consumer software includes macOS operating systems and iOS mobile operating systems.

This means that you can easily charge all the series of Apple watch with the same charger. The steps practiced to charge the Apple watch with a charger are:

  • Take off your Apple watch from your wrist before charging.
  • You must handle all the accessories very carefully.
  • Next, you have to plug the USB cable or Dock in a USB adapter.
  • If you own a portable charger then plug it directly into the USB of your laptop or you can plug it into the power bank as well.
  • In the case of a USB adapter, plug the adapter into a power source.
  • After positioning the back of your smartwatch on the Apple Charger, align it and lock it with the magnets of your charger with your Apple watch.
  • When accurately aligned, it will indicate a green lightning bolt symbol on the display.
  • Your Apple watch may take two to three hours until it gets 100% charged.
  • After the complete battery charging, you have to remove the Apple watch quickie from the charger.

Further more unlimited steps guide

Step by step instructions on How to charge apple watch without a charger

Before using, charge your Apple Watch. If you have just purchased an Apple Watch, it’s likely that it has not been charged yet. To charge it, connect its charging cable (also called a dock) to any 5-watt USB power adapter or computer with a USB port.

The Apple Watch will automatically charge whenever it is placed on its charging cable. Once you place it on the cable, it will begin to power up, either turning on or waking from sleep.

You can also initiate charging by pressing and holding either of its buttons until you see a progress indicator that looks like an electrical current. A fully charged Apple Watch has approximately 18 hours of battery life.

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Download APUS smartwatch battery manager

Apple’s power-efficient wearable will last for about 18 hours before it needs another charge. That’s plenty of time for most users, but if you’re headed out for an ultra-long run or planning to spend several days off the grid, it can be frustrating to know that you won’t have enough juice.

Apple has released two wireless charging accessories that are designed to top up an Apple Watch—but neither of them ship with a wireless charging base.

This is where APUS smartwatch battery manager comes in. The app offers convenient charging management for Android users, and by using it you can charge your Apple Watch wirelessly.

You can even use it to top up your Watch when you’re on-the-go and don’t have access to a power source. Just place your Watch on top of another Qi compatible device that has APUS installed!

Launch APUS smartwatch battery manager on iPhone

you are about to find out how to charge an apple watch without a charger. Charge Apple Watch Manually From iPhone. To charge Apple Watch, you can use Charging Dock or Magnetic Charging Cable.

However, it’s a little inconvenient for you if there is no Dock or Cable when you go out. But there is always an easy way out! Here we are going to share with you some simple and effective tips on how to charge Apple

Watch without Cable or Dock!

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Cable or Dock? 1. How can you charge Apple Watch if you don’t have cable and dock? APUS Battery Saver – iPhone battery saver and smartwatch battery manager is now available on iOS version 7.0 and above. You can use it as an alternative charging method for your apple watch.

Click on Connect Device on the upper right corner

Connect your Apple Watch and unlock it. On iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. Apple Watch automatically searches for iPhones with which you have recently synced.

When it finds yours, tap your iPhone’s name on Apple Watch to pair. Paired devices will connect automatically when in range of each other. Tap Disconnect under Device Information after you’re done charging so that next time you need to sync, you don’t have to wait for it look for nearby devices again.

Note that if you get an error or can’t pair successfully, you may need to reboot one or both devices. Reboot Apple Watch by pressing and holding its side button until you see power off.

Press and hold both side buttons until Apple logo appears on screen. Then restart iPhone by pressing and holding sleep/wake button on top of device for a few seconds, then swipe up from bottom of screen.

Put Apple Watch Charger Cable into APUS smartwatch battery manager

Like other Apple products, you can’t plug your smartwatch directly into an outlet; instead, you need a charging cable and an adapter. The easiest way to keep that cable in hand is by sticking it into APUS battery manager with one end of the cable plugged into your charging cradle or dock.

Since Apple doesn’t include a wall adapter for its Watch series 2 line, every time you want to recharge your device, you have to connect it via one of these two methods using included cables.

The other end of each charging cable plugs into an outlet and provides power directly to your Apple Watch when it’s connected. Even if you don’t plan on charging Apple Watch on a daily basis, keep that extra charging cable in hand with APUS smartwatch battery manager. With one end of that cable plugged into APUS, you can easily access and use it when necessary.

Now you can charge your Apple Watch from any USB port, power bank etc. And it’s even compatible with laptop USB ports.

Apple Watch is basically an iPhone on your wrist. One of its standout features is its wireless charging, which lets you juice up on any table that has an induction-based pad (or even just a dock) and doesn’t require you to lug around yet another dongle or cable. There’s no physical power adapter for Apple Watch, but it does ship with an inductive magnetic charging puck that slides into its disc-shaped charging port located under the digital crown.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I charge my Apple Watch?
  • Is there an easy way? Can I charge it with a wireless charger?
  • How do I know if my Apple Watch is charged or not?

These are just some of the common questions our readers have asked us, so we created an FAQ page for these type of concerns. You can check out our FAQ page on charging and caring for your Apple Watch here.

In order to charge your Apple Watch, you’ll need to use one of its original magnetic charging cables. It can be plugged into any wall power adapter or USB port on your computer for charging. When it is plugged in, you will see a charging icon on your Apple Watch display that shows you if it is at 100% or not.

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How do I charge my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch doesn’t come with a wall adapter, so you’ll need an iPhone and a cable. Here’s how
You’ll need: An iPhone 5 or later (with at least iOS 8.2).

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The Apple Watch charging cable, which comes with every Apple Watch. An AC adapter for your iPhone that came with it when you purchased it.

You can check if you have one by plugging in your iPhone and looking at its bottom left-hand corner. If there is an symbol, then you have an AC adapter.

How do I use an iPad as a charging station for my iPhone?

To get started, you’ll need an iPad, an iPhone and a Lightning cable. First, plug your charging cable into an electrical outlet. Then, on either end of the cable (for it doubles as a USB cord), plug one end into each device.

Your iPhone should begin charging. If it doesn’t, check that you’ve plugged in both ends of your Lightning cable and that they are plugged into an electrical outlet and iPad.

How do I connect two Apple Watches with one iPhone?

First, make sure both watches are running WatchOS 2 or later. You’ll then need to pair each watch with its own iPhone by following these steps: Plug in one of your watches and launch the Apple Watch app on that iPhone.

Select ‘My Watch’, then scroll down and select ‘Apple Watch’. Choose either To Another Watch or New Apple Watch, and follow through on setup.

It’s worth noting that Apple Watch data isn’t synced between watches, even if they’re paired with one iPhone. If you receive a call or message on one watch and want to access it on another watch, you’ll need to delete it from your active Apple Watch in order for it appear on another.

You can do so by swiping up within an individual notification and tapping ‘delete’. If you’d like more information about pairing Apple Watches, check out our full guide: Connecting an Apple Watch.

How do you use an Apple Watch with another person’s phone?

To set up and use an Apple Watch with another person’s iPhone, follow these steps: From an iPhone that belongs to you or someone you know and trust, ask Siri to pair your Apple Watch.

If you’re already paired with an iPhone and haven’t unpaired yet, open Settings > Bluetooth and turn off Apple Watch. Don’t forget to re-pair! Put on your new Apple Watch.

On your Apple Watch, go to Settings > General > Reset. If you see Erase All Content and Settings, tap Erase Apple Watch instead. Your Apple Watch will reset, so make sure that it’s at least 50% charged.

After resetting, put on your new Apple Watch and pair it with its new iPhone using these steps: Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in Control Center (swipe up from bottom of screen) or open Settings > Bluetooth > On and put your iPhone near your Apple Watch.

Is it possible to add more than one Apple Watch (Series 2) to a single iPhone 7 Plus using Bluetooth only (no WiFi)?

I bought an Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7 Plus from Verizon.

Can I use both devices on separate accounts, or must they be linked under one account? In other words, can I add another Apple Watch Series 2 to my iPhone 7 Plus using only Bluetooth, not WiFi (i.e., can it be paired using multiple phone numbers)? If so, how do I do that? Thanks for any answers!

Can multiple iPhones be paired with one Apple Watch at once, and if so how can they be used together.

Yes, you can have multiple iPhones paired with one Apple Watch at once, and if so how can they be used together. You can then choose which iPhone you want to use for any given interaction on your Apple Watch. It’s quick and easy to switch between them in Settings on your Apple Watch.

Can you charge Apple Watch with wireless charger

What’s more, you can also use an older MacBook Pro power adapter or any USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charger with an Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable.

The only limitation is that you need to be running macOS Sierra or later. If so, place your Apple Watch on its side on top of one of these compatible chargers, and wait for it to power up.

The Apple Watch charges very quickly with any of these compatible chargers, topping up its battery in less than an hour. In fact, it’s faster to top up from some USB-C PD chargers than from a standard iPhone charger. For best results, use a 45W or higher power adapter and ensure you have selected Magnetic Charging as the power source on your iPhone.

How to charge Apple Watch 5 without magnetic charger

If you don’t want to carry multiple chargers around with you, Apple Watch 5 can be charged using its wireless charging capabilities. All you need is a power bank or any other device that supports wireless charging.

However, there are a few things that you should know before you get started with it: how much time it will take and at what rate it will be charged.

There are many different brands of power banks in different capacities, which means they’ll have varying results when charging Apple Watch 5.


Plugging in your Apple Watch each night while you sleep is a great way to ensure that it’s always ready for use, but what if you’re traveling and don’t have access to an outlet? Your Apple Watch can last up to three hours of active use before needing a recharge, but since it requires being connected via its magnetic charging disc, you can’t simply plug it into any standard power source.
Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can charge your Apple Watch when you’re away from home.

We’ll explain how to use a computer or iPad as an external power source, how to recharge with another Apple device, and finally, we’ll go over some portable charging options you can use if you don’t have any other way of recharging. Read on for more details!

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