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Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working - Here's How To Fix It Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working - Here's How To Fix It

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Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working – Here’s How To Fix It




Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working – Here’s How To Fix It

Garmin Venu touch screen not working ? Well, there’s an easy fix to this problem, which we’ll discuss in this article.

The problem that you’re having with your touch screen is caused by the layer of glass on top of the display.

If you tap too hard on the glass, it can crack, causing the display beneath it to malfunction. Fortunately, if your Garmin Venu touch screen has cracked and you’re looking for ways to repair it, there are ways to solve the problem!

Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working - Here's How To Fix It

Step 1: Prepare materials on Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working

When Garmin device face touch screen not working issue, you can try to reset your device and check. If your issue still cannot be solved, then follow some guide steps here. First of all, you need to get some material.

You need #00 Phillips screwdriver, tweezers and a small thin metal object like paper clip or small needle. Connect your Garmin device with PC by a USB cable and put it on charge for 40 minutes.

After that, turn off your Garmin device completely. Now remove back cover from Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working using #00 Phillips screwdriver.

Then remove two screws from inside rear cover and pull out battery connector gently. After that, take out SIM card tray using paper clip or needle carefully and then unplug five cables from motherboard connector using tweezers.

Now lift up motherboard with tweezers carefully (make sure do not bend any connectors) and set aside in front of you to work properly without any risk.

After that, you have to get some alcohol or any solvent to clean your motherboard. Take a towel and dip it in these liquid and rub it on your Garmin board until all residue is removed properly.

After that, you can use vacuum cleaner to suck up all fluid and then wipe off dried liquid with paper towel or clean cloth.

You can also try toothpaste as an alternative tool instead of liquid because it will help you easily remove stubborn residue on Garmin touch screen not working while leaving no scratches behind after step 1 done.

Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working - Here's How To Fix It

Step 2 on Garmin Venu Touch Screen Not Working: Open your GPS

Garmin are extremely reliable and sturdy, however they are not immune to damage. Keep your GPS screen clean with a microfiber cloth, or use some gentle cleaning liquid.

Remember to close all apps when you’re finished using your GPS, as it will drain your battery life if it’s left on for extended periods of time. Check for software updates: You might have new features or bug fixes available for your Garmin.

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If you have some small damage to your screen, you can use a smartphone repair kit like Digimend. These kits are quick and easy to use. They’re also very affordable, so even if you do more than one repair, it won’t cost much at all.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to get any repairs done by an actual electronics store rather than try and DIY it.

If you’re still having trouble, try plugging your Garmin into a laptop to see if it will charge. If it doesn’t charge and you have no other device to test with, then unfortunately your screen may be out of commission for good.

You could buy a refurbished screen for about $80 or order a new GPS unit from Garmin for about $170.

Step 3: Remove the LCD from the unit

If you’re lucky, your problem is a non-responsive touch screen. Sometimes, it just needs to be pushed back into place or re-calibrated to work again.

You’ll need to remove a few screws to get your device open, but none of them are hard to find. Use a small Phillips screwdriver and take out all three that you see: one on either side of your Garmin touch screen and one underneath it.

Now you can take your device completely apart by removing two more screws that are under a small flap on either side of your case. Keep track of which screws go where and don’t lose any of them!

If your touch screen doesn’t work, but everything else does, then you might have an issue with just your touchscreen.

There are lots of reasons why a touch screen might not work. For example, your battery could be low or you may need to re-calibrate your device’s touchscreen. You can recalibrate your Garmin touch screen in just a few minutes.

Step 4: Remove the defective component

Remove defective component of Garmin Vēnu touch screen by removing screws and push out with a pry tool.

Then insert new touch screen with screws. Now you have to put back device motherboard and turn on power. If your Garmin vínu touch screen working good, then you’re finished otherwise your defect part was replaced, time to replace motherboard after that check carefully everything one by one.

Garmin vínu touch screen not working. Any time you turn on power. A color of screen is same but nothing display on it, there are no any reaction for your tapping or touching.

Your Garmin device have problem and need to repair immediately because if you don’t repair soon then it becomes really very hard to open and find any defect part of your Garmin device with its motherboard that’s why we fix devices by motherboard replace method at our shop.

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Now if you turn on your Garmin vínu device and see that touch screen is not working properly and you want to replace it then immediately find a shop where they can help you.

Don’t do mistake of repair by your self, because if you repair by yourself then probably problem again repeat. Because even any small problem with motherboard or electric conduction or damaged connector causes entire screen not working properly.

And we recommend to use only new touch screen for your repairing purpose.

Step 5: Close everything back up and reassemble

Once you’ve transferred all of your data to your new device, it’s time to get everything back together.

First put in all those SIM cards, and then place them carefully back into their slots on your old phone. Then screw or snap everything back in (you should be able to do most of that without having a manual handy).

Close up any ports that might open up when closed (like USB ports), and make sure all connections are tight.

You should be able to transfer all of your data to your new device using either a cloud service or by connecting it to a computer. If you have a lot of data, however, it might take some time to copy over everything.

Be sure that you don’t pull out any cords until everything is completely backed up and copied.

Step 6: Test it out!

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